2022 Major Esports Betting Events

As 2022 approaches, fans, bettors and enthusiasts are looking forward to the year’s major esports events. Fans of some major eSports tournaments look สล็อตที่มีคนเล่นมากที่สุด forward to DOTA, PUBG PCS, PUBG PGL, CS:GO, Valorant, FIFA, League of Legends and other popular  eSports games. The most popular and highest-prize tournaments are held on computers via LAN tournaments. The same game can also be played on consoles like the Xbox and PS5.

1. PUBG Mobile
With millions in total tournament winnings, PUBG Global Championship (PGC) is one of the most competitive team games fans and bettors have been waiting for. Several tournaments held throughout the year such as PCS, PCIS, PMPL and Regional Championships culminate in the PGC. PGC 2021 was held in Korea with COVID precautions. Players can bet on teams from Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas such as Oath, Soniqs, Space Station Gaming, Gen-G, New Happy, Ghibli, Danawa, MAD, Dignitas, Dodge, BBL and more. Additionally, players can bet on individuals or groups with the most kills, most damage, most assists, most chickens, head-to-head leaderboards, KDA and other PUBG betting marketplaces.

2. CS:GO
Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the most-watched game and tournament on Twitch, with each match attracting over 200,000 live viewers across Twitch, Youtube and other streaming platforms. With prize pools ranging from $10 million to $50 million in hardcore CS:GO tournaments, CS is one of the oldest games on the list. Players can bet on teams such as Liquid, Faze, Heroic, DA, and more, and play team battles on a one-win-one-loss basis. CS:GO tournament odds are pretty basic, with lower odds for favorites and higher odds for losers. Depending on the format, players can also place tournament bets that reward the most consistent teams.

3. Brave
Valorant is a relatively new esports game on this list, but it is very popular among esports players and bettors. Players can bet on famous events like Rage Japan, Flash Pop, Clan Masters and more. Creators of non-competitive content like xQcOW and Pokimane stream Valorant for hours a week on Twitch, allowing fans to connect with creators about their favorite games like Valorant. Most Valorant tournaments don’t have large prize pools because the game is relatively new. However, players have the advantage of discovering unique betting opportunities and mispriced odds while covering new teams playing new sports.

4. League of Legends
After Counter Strike, League of Legends or League of Legends is the second oldest game and tournament on this list. In this Riot game, players will compete on a team-to-team basis, choosing between different game characters with different abilities. LoL draws inspiration from maps from another popular game, DOTA. Fans and players can look forward to the LPL, LCS, LEC, LCK, Mid-Season Invitational, World Championship and other leagues happening throughout the year. Players can bet on global teams such as DWG, TSM, TES, G2, C9, T1, TL, DRX, JDG, etc.

DOTA was released in 2003, making it the oldest game on this list, played by millions of players every day. Originally created by fans as a mod for the existing Warcraft III, DOTA is very popular with gamers and is considered an indie game. Ten years later, DOTA 2 is currently the most played version of DOTA. DOTA is not available for console games. Bettors and fans looking to bet on the 2022 DOTA 2 tournament can bet on teams such as Asian Games, DPC, Moon Studio Snow League, EGL, Epulze Monthly Cup, including TS, DE, Atlantis, Boom, Astma, Ybb, SsS, IAP, Talon and other participating top DOTA teams.

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